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simple tool for anyone organizing regular progress report or update meetings

Either you are working with team or a single person, it’s very common technique to organize regular progress report or update meetings. It’s usually a short meeting where a team or a person give a short updates on what has been done until now and commits to what are main priorities for a next period of time. Status meetings are usually organized daily, weekly or monthly depending on a complexity of a project and organization

We are almost ready for beta testing

Our new web based tool is ready to take beta testers onboard. If you’re interested to take action and grab this new solution just sing up for beta test. Aimbird will be available for free for anyone willing to give feedback and use it. It allows you to quickly and easily create highly effective meetings and track updates of your teams work.

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Schedule a meeting

Fast meeting scheduling and invite distribution to anyone you working with. Just name your meeting, set the dates and tell us who’s invited. Aimbird do the rest. Learn more »

Set up your priorities

Flexible list of priorities to help you quickly organize your workload, set due dates and make comments. Learn more »

Share priorities with team

Let others know exactly what you do. Find out what others are working on. Learn more »

Get reminders and up-to-date reports

Responsive reports avaliable as HTML presentation as well as PDF files work beautifully on practically any device. Learn more »

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Get your free account on AimBird and start organizing meetings. You will be most surprised how fast you’ll save time on annoying tasks. No more manual meeting request, remembering to update your work, searching for shared documents and reminders to your team to report their progress.